Each year, artists from around the world are awarded the gift of time + space—a one-month residency on our 583-acre ranch in northern California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. Photo Credit: Chris Schmauch


The region is world-famous for technological innovation. We believe that art must also innovate, disrupt, inspire, challenge and change lives. The work undertaken here shapes the world’s culture. Photo Credit: Robert Buelteman


We enjoy a mythical renown among artists—many of whom talk about the Djerassi “magic.” Here, in a setting of extraordinary natural beauty, artists can just BE—to dream, dare, collaborate and create. Photo Credit: Unknown

Time +

There are no small dreams and no small dreamers here. In their studios, choreographers imagine dances, writers generate words, composers see notes and visual artists create images. Photo Credit: Jordan Reznick


Ideas are shared around the dinner table. Collaborations erupt organically. Work that couldn’t have existed any other way takes shape, catches fire, and becomes real. Photo Credit: Minoosh Zomorodinia

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Midori Fujioka, Djerassi alum, writes about Torii and artist Bruce Johnson.

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Billy Manes, a writer from Orlando, Florida, was an artist-in-residence at Djerassi in 2015. He passed away in July of 2017. Beldan Sezen was an artist-in-residence during the same session as Billy and created this Story about him.

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Altogether Wild: Celebration and Transformation at Djerassi

Daniel Eduvijes Carrera (2017 Artist-in-Residence) is a media artist from Los Angeles, CA. He was the 2017 San Francisco Film Screenwriting Fellow at Djerassi.

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Returning to the source, of one's inspiration, of one's own silence, of the land, these can nourish an artist's work for years.

Ayad Akhtar, New York, NY, 2013 Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, 2015 Djerassi alumnus

Photo by Chris Schmauch

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Djerassi Impact

6distinct habitats at Djerassi.
7percent of applicants accepted in 2017.
11artists per session.
54countries Djerassi artists originate from.
583acres of Djerassi property.
968total applicants in 2017.
2403artists in residence since 1979.
10000cost in US dollars of each residency.

The Djerassi Resident Artists Program believes in the gift of space and time.

All residencies are provided free of charge.