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2015 Artists Fellowships

The Artist Fellowship Program was begun in 1985 to recognize donors to the Djerassi Program for their commitment to support the creation of new work by living artists. There are now three different categories of Fellowships: Endowed Fellowships are perpetually awarded each year through contributions made by generous donors to the Program’s permanent endowment fund. Annual Fellowships (including Artful Harvest Circle Fellowships) are created by individuals or institutions contributing $5,000 or more to support an artist’s residency during the season. Annual Honorary Fellowships have been awarded to other contributors whom the Program wishes to acknowledge for their generous support. 2016 Artists Fellowships to be posted at the end of January 2017.


 The Mildred Sherrod Bissinger Memorial Endowed Fellowship
Barbara Stimoli, Udine, Italy, Choreographer

The Hannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation Endowed Fellowship
Elise Brandenburg, New York, NY, Writer

 The John D. and Susan P. Diekman Endowed Fellowship
Billy Manes, Orlando, FL, Writer

The Pritzker Foundation Endowed Fellowships
CM Burroughs, Chicago, IL, Poet; Yalitza Ferreras, San Francisco, CA, Writer

The Bessie Schönberg Memorial Endowed Fellowship
Koji Nakano, Boston, MA, Composer

The Erik A. Takulan Memorial Endowed Fellowship
Gloria Bond Clunie, Evanston, IL, Playwright


3Arts Fellowship
Jamie Topper, Chicago, IL, Media Artist

The Patricia E. Bashaw and Eugene Segre Fellowship
Ayad Akhtar, New York, NY, Writer

The Helen L. and Peter S. Bing Fellowships
Michelle La Marca
, Minot, ND, Writer; Caroline Wellbery, Bethesda, MD, Medical Doctor

The Agnes Bourne and Stuart Plummer Fellowship
Jeremy Mende, San Francisco, CA, Media Artist

The John D. and Susan P. Diekman Fellowships
Keith Johnson, Long Beach, CA,  Choreography; Tami Spector, San Francisco, CA, Physical Organic Chemist/Writer; Allie Hankins, Portland, OR, Choreographer

The Ford Family Foundation Residencies for Oregon Artists
Garrick Imatani, Portland, OR, Visual Artist.; Shelley Jordon, Portland, OR, Visual Artist; Ann Kresge, Salem, OR, Visual Artist; Jack Ryan, Eugene, OR, Visual Artist

The Kathryn Green Memorial Fellowship
Mari L'Esperance, Pasadena, CA, Poet

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Honorary Fellowships
Karl Schaffer, Scotts Valley, CA, Mathematician/Choreographer; Melissa Roberti, Roseville, CA, Playwright

The McElwee Family Fellowship
Maré Hieronimus, Brooklyn, NY, Choreographer

The Gerald Oshita Memorial Fellowship and Stipend
Mark Taylor, New York, NY, Composer

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation Honorary Fellowships
Jeremiah Barber, San Francisco, CA, Media Artist;  Jonathan Luskin, San Francisco, CA, Playwright; Jeremy Mende, San Francisco, CA, Media Artist; Paul Heller, Berkeley, CA, Playwright

The Rasmuson Foundation Fellowship
Ernestine Hayes, Juneau, AK, Writer

The Anne and Rodney Pearlman Fellowship
Vivienne Glance, Subiaco, Australia, Playwright

The San Francisco Film Society Screenwriting Fellowship
Tom Gilroy, New York, NY, Filmmaker


The John D. and Susan P. Diekman Artful Harvest Circle Gold Fellowship
Kate Nichols,San Francisco, CA, Visual Artist

The Dale Djerassi Artful Harvest Fellowship
Anne LeBaron, Valencia, CA, Composer

The John and Marcia Goldman Artful Harvest Circle Fellowship
Samira Yamin, Los Angeles, CA, Visual Artist

The Laura Grigsby Artful Harvest Circle Fellowship
Cathy Tempelsman, New York, NY, Poet

The Simona and Bill Martin Artful Harvest Circle Fellowship

Kara Candito, Madison, WI, Poet

The Cass Calder Smith Artful Harvest Circle Fellowship
Lee Arnold, New York, NY, Media Artist

The Darlene Yaplee and Don Jackson Artful Harvest Circle Fellowship
Suzie Buchholz, San Rafael, CA, Visual Artist



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