Eileen Myles (1994) is featured on Literary Hub in an article discussing The Divinity of Dog Writing. The article points to Myles’s Afterglow, A Dog Memoir as well as Virginia Woolf’s Flush: A Biography. Sit down, roll over and read below. Literary Hub

Catherine Taylor (2015) Catherine Taylor’s (2015) novel You, Me, and the Violence has been published by The Ohio State University Press. Read some reviews

Hillary Jordan (2009) Hillary Jordan's novel Mudbound is now a feature film, and it's receiving its share of Hollywood buzz. Read the CNN review of the film directed by Dee Rees. Read the review

Photo: Jason Mitchell, Garrett Hedlund in 'Mudbound'

Kara Maria (2003) exhibits Post-Nature through March 17 at Catharine Clark Gallery. Closing reception March 17 Kara Maria's exhibition was reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle by Charles Desmarais Read the review here

Image: Kara Maria, Post-Nature, 2017, 48 x 36 inches, acrylic on canvas