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Winter Residencies for Djerassi Program Alumni

Winter residencies are offered to alumni of the Djerassi Program working in the disciplines of visual arts, media arts, choreography, music composition and literature. Collaborative applications are welcome. The deadline to apply is September 21, 2017. Residencies will be announced in October.

Selected artists will be invited to utilize Artists' Ranch facilities during one period: from Thursday, January 4 - Thursday, January 25, 2018. Artists may apply for up to 2 weeks during this time period. Be aware that residency awards may be for less than the requested time. The ranch will be closed over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Preference will be given to those who have not had a residency at the Djerassi Program (Winter or Core Season) in the last few years.

                                      "Tori", (in the snow) by Bruce Johnson

Winter residencies are designed to be far more independent and are substantially different from the regular residency structure. Please read the following information for variances and responsibilities winter residents will encounter:

  • Residencies will occur exclusively in the Artists' House, Artists’ Barn and the Middlebrook Studios. Small groups of artists of various disciplines will be selected to occupy appropriate studios (including use of the darkroom) and share the common areas and facilities during their stay. Bed linens and towels are provided. Otherwise artists must be self-sufficient and provide their own materials and supplies.
  • Facilities are not available for family members except as day guests. Pets are not allowed.
  • Artists will be responsible for their own transportation, so personal automobiles will be necessary. The staff cannot be responsible for artist's arrivals and departures or for trips to town for groceries and supplies.
  • Residents will share responsibility for the barn kitchen and other service facilities. Artists must shop for and prepare their own meals; no chef will be on staff and no food will be provided.
  • Artists are responsible for the cleanliness of their studios, kitchen, bathrooms and the common area. Firewood is provided for the wood stoves in the artists’ studios and common space.
  • A telephone, wireless Internet access, Imac with CD/DVD burner, large format printer, and fax and copy machines are available for artists to share.  Audio and visual equipment is provided in the choreographer’s studio; audio equipment, and a studio grand and midi-electronic pianos are available in the composer’s studio.
  • Residents are expected to vacate their studios and the common areas, leaving them clean and free of personal belongings no later than the end of their assigned times.
  • Little staff support will be available. Applicants should be aware that winter weather can be rainy and cold, often with high winds. Downed trees and power outages are not uncommon. Some building improvements will be taking place and residents are expected to cooperate with ranch staff when fulfilling their duties.
  • Selected artists will be required to sign a residency agreement, which outlines these and additional regulations and responsibilities.


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