Y-Exchange with Nita Little and Julie Herndon, December 8th. Join Nita Little and Djerassi alum, Julie Herndon on December 8th at 7pm for an amazing Y-Exchange on sound composition, embodied movement, and more. Julie Herndon is a composer, performer, and sound artist based in San Francisco, California. Her work explores the body’s relationship to performance using tools like musical instruments and personal technologies. Dance researcher/composer, Nita Little investigates embodied attention within improvisational movement with a concentration on creative and relational practices. RSVP Here

Y-Exchange with Sebastián Peréz and Carole Kim, January 19th. Join 2018 Djerassi alum, Sebastián Peréz, streaming in from Chile and Carole Kim in San Francisco on January 19th at 6pm for an amazing Y-Exchange. Sebastián Peréz is both an astrophysicist and artist and Carole Kim is an interdisciplinary media artist who will meet to discuss their collaborative works. Eventbrite RSVP: https://yexchange.eventbrite.com/ RSVP Here