Experience David Coll’s Word Search exhibition, April 22nd. Djerassi alum ('22), David Coll, opens Word Search, a pop-up exhibition with an ongoing reception from 7-9pm on Friday, April 22, 2022. Word Search is an installation of lights, cameras, music, mirrors, and spoken word that was first performed as a culmination to David's residency at Djerassi in February 2022. Word Search playfully articulates a sort of collision between 'bored entertainment' and 'unfulfilling interactions' through sudden changes of social dynamics which result in stark transformations of space. The installation has two states. In the first, the public freely explores the space, and their presence is felt. In the second, five willing audience members choose to participate as a group. Read more.

Sarah Klein’s SUPERBLOOM at The Great Highway Gallery. Djerassi alum Sarah Klein's solo show, SUPERBLOOM, is coming to The Great Highway Gallery in San Francisco from November 19–December 18, 2022. The installation expands on the ancient method of storytelling using hand shadows as Sarah Klein harnesses her skills as an animator and printmaker to create a vivid display of patterns and motion. Read more.

Alison Moritsugu exhibits Moons and Internment Stones. Djerassi alumna, Alison Moritsugu, exhibits Moons and Internment Stones at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center in Vermont from October 22, 2022 - February 12, 2023. The exhibit features paintings of the moon and of stones collected by the Alison’s grandfather in the Santa Fe Internment Camp during World War II. Read more.

Johanna Baruch’s one-night site-specific art installation in San Francisco. Former Djerassi Artist-Trustee Johanna Baruch will be creating a one-night site-specific art installation for Grace Cathedral in San Francisco during Veriditas’ Women’s Dream Quest event, November 18th-19th, 2022. Her Cosmos Series paintings will be reproduced on banners as large as 8’ x 5’ and suspended from the 65’ clearstory levels to create an immersive environment, shepherding participants through their own inner universes. Johanna’s work is inspired by the beauty, majesty and mystery of the Hubble Space Telescope and the new JWST imagery, using them as launching points for exploring the infinite space and luminosity of the cosmos through her own inner landscape. The windows into deep space that we are privileged to witness today through these new technologies connect us to our ancestral fascination with the night sky and our place within the cosmos. Using a unique technique she developed of painting in multiple layers of translucent colored glazes, Johanna’s paintings echo that visual sensation of seeing light and spectra through the dimensions of space. Johanna Baruch is a painter who splits her time between San Francisco and Inverness, CA, where the big, star filled skies inspire and give her a direct sensation of the expansive cosmos around us. She has exhibited nationally in galleries, art fairs and museums. She has served on the Boards of The California College of the Arts, the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, and the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. Read more.

Mabel Poblet exhibits Where Oceans Meet at Chanel Nexus Hall, Japan. Mabel Poblet, Djerassi alumna ('19), presents her first solo-exhibition in Japan. Where Oceans Meet will feature new works from the series My Autumn, Homeland, and Travel Diary, as well as the video installation Sublimation (from the series Buoyancy). Where Oceans Meet is an invitation to get acquainted with one of Mabel Poblet's cherished themes, water, which is also a common denominator between Cuba and Japan, and the uniqueness of cultures where islands co-exist with the sea. Read more.

Domestic Light by Ian Winters "Domestic Light" is a year long time-lapse media art project by Djerassi Program alum Ian Winters launching June 21st, 2023 "Domestic Light" explores the disparity between how natural light is perceived and mediated, and the nature of our networked relations. The project offers a new way of noticing how our bodies build the notion of home and the passage of time—based on the qualities of light where we live—and how mediated images of nature are sensitizing us as a species. "Domestic Light" fulfills the urgent need to build community networks, and supports the role of artists in cultivating the observation of one's own environmental transformations. At the project end, its unique structured data set will be archives at the University of Sussex Humanities Lab and will be available for public use and interpretation by artists and researchers. Learn more

Jonathan Keats exhibits At San Francisco’s Modernism Gallery On March 10th. Jonathan Keats, Djerassi alum, presents The Library of the Great Silence in collaboration with the SETI Institute. Join the special launch event at San Francisco’s Modernism Gallery on March 10th and discover The Library of the Great Silence, the first organization to lay groundwork for intellectual collaboration between all forms of intelligence. Read more

Louise Hamlin exhibits at Dartmouth’s Hood Museum of Art. Louise Hamlin, Djerassi alum, presents their work in an exhibition at Dartmouth’s Hood Museum of Art, in Hanover, NH. The Hood is having their Winter Opening Reception from 5-7 pm on February 24 and the exhibition will run through September 3, 2022. Read more

Rodney Ewing exhibits at Jack Shainman Gallery now through April 30th. Catch Djerassi alum, Rodney Ewing's site-specific wall installation Extinguishing Sweetness as a Threat (Elijah McClain), on view at Jack Shainman Gallery's upstate location The School in This Tender, Fragile Thing, open now (11am-6pm) and running through April 30, 2022. Black Panther memorabilia from the gallery's collection will serve as touchstones throughout the presentation of works by Ewing and other notable artists. Read more

Natalya Burd exhibition open through December 18th in San Francisco. Natalya Burd, a 2017 Djerassi alumna, exhibits Travel Diaries at Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco, CA now through December 18th. Natalya uses intense color saturation and plexiglass to play with illusion and perspective to recreate the experience of being inside of nature. Read more

ALEXANDMUSHI exhibition opening at the Foreign Cinema in San Francisco. Upcoming 2022 Djerassi residents, ALEXANDMUSHI: A collaboration between artists Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James, two conceptual artists engaged in social practice, performance, and process-based documentation including photography, video, writing, and installation exhibts "Still Conversations" November 11, 2021 to January 16, 2022. ALEXANDMUSHI is a performance collaboration between Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James that will be in residence at Djerassi in 2022. Read more

Gibson + Recoder’s Obscura Projectum extended through Spring 2022! With the changing weather and season, this installation will project a variety of colors and movement. Sandra Gibson ('01, '14, '18) and Luis Recoder ('14, '18) have exhibited their celebrated expanded cinema performances and installations at the Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, M HKA, Serralves Foundation, EYE Film Museum, REDCAT, Mad. Sq. Art, and Ballroom Marfa. Book your visit

Sandra Binion Exhibits at Lake Forest College’s Durand Art Institute On the occasion of her double exhibition "Fleeting / Aftermath," September 2-26, 2021, Sandra Binion ('97) has produced a new book that documents each artwork in full color and the exhibition installation. The artworks in "Fleeting" create a dialogue that explores and celebrates experiences that are fragile and ephemeral, that inspire perseverance, and that leave lasting emotional imprints. "Aftermath" presents another take on themes of fragility and perseverance. Created in 2017 during a residency in Buggiano Castello in Tuscany, the series now receives its premiere presentation. A brief video tour through "Fleeting / Aftermath"

Site-Responsive Art Biennale Opening I-Park is very pleased to announce that the following artists will be presenting new artworks at the opening of the Site-Responsive Art Biennale, eighth in the series, on September 18, 2021. For free tickets to the Biennale, follow the link below. Die-Cast (led by Brenna Geffers and doug greene), Pennsylvania Gibson + Recoder, New York Paul Golisz, New York Benjamin Heller, New York Le’Andra Leseur, New Jersey Thomas Putzier, Minnesota Daniel Shieh, New York/Taiwan Tickets

Threading Diagram for Pine Circle Film (2021) by Gibson + Recoder