We stand for Black Lives and Black Voices Djerassi Resident Artists Program stands in solidarity and support of Black Lives Matter; we are committed to foregrounding Black Lives and Black Voices in all forms. Truth and justice is ringing like a bell that we all want to hear, from the protests in the United States to the moving demonstrations that are now being heard around the world. We condemn the systemic racism plaguing our country, and believe that our country is at a crossroads to reimagine and to rebuild a new reality. This has been... Read the full letter here

Margot H. Knight steps down as Executive Director After nearly a decade of leadership and direction, our Executive Director, Margot Haliday Knight, has stepped down from her leadership role at the end of July. Margot has been instrumental in providing leadership and direction to the organization since she joined in November 2011. “Djerassi Resident Artists Program has opportunities to advance the work it does to support artists in what I call the 'next-normal.' Our mission has never mattered more,” Knight shares. “The self-inquiry provoked by sheltering-in-place has been transformative. I have been a cultural worker in public history, art and the humanities for over four decades. Now I have books to write, protests to make, candidates to support and countries to see.” Read the letter from the Board

Sweet Bird of Time and Change Margot Knight wrote a farewell letter in the latest edition of Art//Sky Read the full letter

Jordan Reznick