Kara Maria (2003) at Townsend Center for the Humanities Kara Maria's show, Luminous Disturbances, will be up at the Townsend Center from September 10th to December 14th, 2018. An opening reception will take place on September 12th, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. More information can be found here.

Interview with Viet Thanh Nguyen (‘08) on NPR Nguyen discusses his Pulitzer Prize winning novel "The Sympathizer" with Fresh Air host Terry Gross, diving into how his family history influenced his writing. Nguyen and his family fled their village in South Vietnam in 1975, and "The Sympathizer" is a spy novel set during and just after the war in Vietnam. Listen to the interview here.

COVID-19 Update #1 An update for 2020 Artists & Scientists in residence Greetings 2020 Djerassi Resident Artist Program artists and scientists, As the circumstances and ripple effects surrounding COVID-19 evolve, we know that you may have questions. For now, we do not anticipate cancelling residencies or other programs this year. If you can get to SFO, we will pick you up. If you can drive here, your studio awaits. We recognize that status may change and will tell you right away if anything that might affect your residency develops. Generally speaking, as a relatively cloistered and remote place with very limited access, the Djerassi Program Artists Ranch should be a safer place than most. That said, we are monitoring best practices and preparing for the possibility of the virus showing up on the ranch. We're washing our hands, we're trying not to touch our faces, and we're stocking our pantry and will talk more about COVID-19 at our orientation, and with any luck your time here after that will be free of anxieties about personal exposure to the virus. Please consider your own needs as you pack. Meanwhile, we recognize that COVID-19 is introducing a variety of other factors (eg. travel restrictions, school closures) which could prevent you from spending a month at Djerassi. If you have an upcoming residency and believe that you might be unable to participate due to personal health or other issues, please get in touch early so we can monitor the situation (and, if need be, find someone from our lengthy wait-list for your spot!). So long as we are open, we are committed to filling our studios - please help us do that with open communication. We must ask, if you are showing symptoms of the illness (the big three being cough, fever, and shortness of breath) or have been exposed to someone with similar symptoms, please do yourself and your fellow residents the courtesy of staying home. If you need to cancel your residency due to Covid-19 related issues (again, let us know as soon as possible), we will put you at the top of the relevant "wait-list" for spots in another session in 2020. We want to honor the work you did that earned you a 2020 residency. Our goal continues to be to work with each of you so that you may have a joyous and productive (and transformational, Djerassi-magic experience) while in residence. Care and respect, Margot H. Knight, Executive Director Peter Bradley, Deputy Director of Programs See original letter

COVID-19 Update #2 A letter from our executive director in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep (Djerassi) Dreaming With Us See complete letter

We stand for Black Lives and Black Voices Djerassi Resident Artists Program stands in solidarity and support of Black Lives Matter; we are committed to foregrounding Black Lives and Black Voices in all forms. Truth and justice is ringing like a bell that we all want to hear, from the protests in the United States to the moving demonstrations that are now being heard around the world. We condemn the systemic racism plaguing our country, and believe that our country is at a crossroads to reimagine and to rebuild a new reality. This has been a long time coming. Amidst the upheaval of COVID-19 and the pandemic of racism and intersectional oppression, a new truth and a new honesty about our history is coming forward. We mourn the painful loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others who have died unjustly in senseless acts of violence—Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Walter Scott, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Layleen Polanco, Tony McDade, Nina Pop and Eric Garner. We say their names and seek that their stories be told so that our laws and social patterns change for good. The Djerassi Program stands with the transformative work happening in protest to make lasting and immediate change in our everyday lives, with all those seeking an end to police brutality, to end white supremacy, and a new day for us all. Like many institutions, Djerassi Resident Artists Program is deep listening— How can we help to dismantle white supremacist frameworks, how can we better amplify Black and indigenous voices, and how can we help to build true and lasting change? How can our land and our mission reflect a regenerative oasis for diverse artists to thrive and tell the diverse stories that need to be told? How can we build true inclusion into every step of our Program and our overall approach? These are urgent times, and we will do our best to keep improving how we support artists, how we hire, how we collaborate and lead, and how we support our communities. We stand with Black Lives, and with the many artists, activists, and brave communities at the front line creating incredible breakthroughs in this movement even as we write this. We renew our commitment to share a spectrum of artists’ voices. We will act by creating new ways to share pivotal dialogues with artists through our platform. We seek to cultivate a regenerative environment where artists thrive and new ideas that transform society can grow. At the Djerassi Program, we will do all we can to encourage sustained dialogue, and to create a space, a haven for a greater shift in our collective imagination. We believe that together we will create a way through -- a portal to a new present and future. Thank you for all that you do. Onwards, The Board and Staff of Djerassi Resident Artists Program Image: Aleta Hayes (Djerassi 2007, 2008, 2017) performance with The Chocolate Heads, 2017 "If we could create the next California, how would it appear? This performance diorama, an imaginary and constructed place, is set in the present, but proposes a future that hopes to rival the beauty, diversity and inventiveness that is California." - Aleta Hayes Read the full letter here